Our wines

At Calyptra we produce unique and authentic wines. In each bottle of our wine is the maximum expression of the varietal.


- Made to share

The Mosaiko line is a proposal that goes beyond the traditional Calyptra: it is a fresh, versatile, friendly, and relaxed wine. A wine to toast, to share with friends and to carry for every occasion.

Mosaiko is a wine made with grapes from different quarters of the same variety of our vineyard, each of them contributing different characteristics to achieve a young and characteristic wine of our terroir.


- Natural Expression

Calyptra’s Vivendo line presents fresh, versatile and fruity wines, without barrel aging.

Power and pure intensity of the contribution of our terroir to the varietals, cultivated in the rigor of the Andean climate.


- Uniqueness in each bottle

Calyptra’s Gran line offers wines of great volume, character and creaminess. The power of our grapes, the influence of their year of production and their aging in barrels give rise to unrepeatable wines from one vintage to the next.

The detail is perceived

The perseverance and patience put into each barrel where the Soil, Origin, Dedication and Passion of the entire team of our vineyard is reflected.


- Calyptra at its finest

Our Icon wines represent the best of Calyptra’s limited production.

Made from selected grapes with low yields and made from the best Cabernet Sauvignon from our organic vineyards. The line of our icon wines are representatives of our excellent Terroir. Unique wines with great aging potential.

Sweets and Sparkling

- The elegance of fruity aromas

For lovers of elegant sparkling wines, we present our Hera Blanc de Blanc traditional method 100% made from Chardonnay grapes. Sweet wines are represented by Solvita Late Harvest of Sauvignon Blanc 100% botrytized and fortified FORT obtained by co-fermentation of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot and aged in barrels for 60 months.

Thermal Amplitude,
Andes Mountains

A moderate Mediterranean climate that provides heavy rains and low temperatures with occasional snowfall in winter, which contrasts with summers of warm days with afternoons of mountain winds that find their escape through the Cachapoal River basin.