Wines of Altitude


High Andes Terroir

Situated in a privileged location: in the Cachapoal Andes Valley. At 900 meters above sea level, Calyptra’s 44 planted hectares make it the easternmost vineyard in Chile.


From the Greek "calyptros": Hat

It is a hat of the vine flower that protects the reproductive apparatus of the plant.
When it blooms, the plant takes off that hat “waving” and celebrating the arrival of spring.


- Cabernet Sauvignon at its best expression

An icon wine of our vineyard with character, unique and with great aging potential.

Made from our best Cabernet Sauvignon vines, older and smaller production.

Zahir is a wine with an incredible texture that brings a surprising freshness and vitality. A wine that represents the best of Calyptra’s limited production.


Featured by Calyptra


Our best Cabernet Sauvignon at its best.

Petit Inédito

Character and power in balance with freshness and fruitiness.


Blanc de Blancs, traditional method 100% Chardonnay.