About Us

In 1989, Dr. José Zarhi acquired the 80-hectare farm “Santa Cruz de Coya”. Upon learning that around 1920 the countryside had been generous in vine plantations, he decided to start a winemaking adventure, replacing fruit trees with Chardonnay vines.

After a study of soils and climatic conditions, the characteristics of the field turned out to be optimal for the production of high-end wines.

This is how Calyptra is born

A soil that recovers its roots to give rise to exceptional, unique, honest wines. A reflection of the high expression of the highest mountain terroir in the Cachapoal Valley.

Fruit of Honesty. Geographic isolation. Sustainable agriculture.

Winemaking processes that combine tradition and innovation. Detail, constancy and patience put into each of the barrels.

A unique way of doing things, which results in wines with roots. Singular and authentic. With origin in the respect for the soil, the quality of the grapes, the rigor in the process and the dedication of our team.